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What Are the Basics of Furniture Upholstery Repair?

Furniture repair can be looked upon as an excellent hobby. That is if you have the patience and time to learn how to perform furniture upholstery repair work correctly. Which will allow you to turn forgotten or neglected furniture into a once again usable item. There are several facets when performing furniture repairs, and you have to start to learning different skills to be more prepared. Some people that are interested in furniture repairs begin by learning how to properly reupholster items.

Reupholstering furniture does call for a lot of patience, in addition to having an excellent eye for detail. It is easier to start with a piece which does not come with such a large area to reupholster. A dining room chair that has a covered seat is one prime example. The first step is removing the old fabric. If it is in good shape, you should use it as a template for your new cover. However, if it is in bad shape, then create a template with the help of either old newspapers or inexpensive cloth.

The padding beneath the chair should be replaced too. Many sewing shops plus craft, and big box stores will stock cushions for various furniture. The price will also depend upon the quality you purchase. A dense foam rubber costs more and will last longer, not to mention that it will be more comfortable to sit on than a cushion that is less dense foam or is cotton batting.

Once you cut your new fabric to fit your chair, you will be ready to finish the piece off. With dining room chairs, you can usually stretch the cloth on top of the chair, and then staple it beneath. Once you progress to armchairs and more difficult furniture pieces, your sewing skills will be called upon. However, the general basics stay the same, but you need to measure it carefully, before cutting your fabric, and then you have stretch the fabric before securing it.

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