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What Tools Does an Upholsterer Use?

When attempting an upholstery project, it is important to have all the right tools to hand. A basic upholsterer’s kit must include: curved and straight needles, tack hammers, webbing stretcher, shears, tack puller and upholstery tacks. Some other tools are marking chalk, foam cutter, and a regulator.

A tack hammer is a commonly used tool, and it is sometimes made out of bronze. One side of the head is magnetic for keeping tacks in place, whilst the other is for hammering those tacks.

Curved needles come in various sizes and weights and are used to hand sew seats, decks, cushions, pillows etc. Straight needles are also good to have for more precision sewing.

A webbing stretcher is used to stretch, tighten, and set webbing to make it ready for tacking in place. It also has a sister tool referred to as a gooseneck webbing stretcher. This works closer to the frame and provides more efficiency when pulling material.

A tack puller is similar to a screwdriver that has a clawed foot. It has just the right angle on its foot, in order to safely remove staples without damaging underneath the surface. These can be on tacks, however, they are not meant to pull out nails.

Upholstery tacks are so similar to nails, that sometimes they have large decorative heads. Some, though, can be plain and used for attaching webbing. Others are stronger, have more decoration, and are used for final tacking.

A quality pair of shears is essential for upholstery. They must be heavy duty in order to deal with thicker fabrics, such as cord or denim, and they must be kept sharp. They are available in left or right hand versions.

A regulator is for pushing stuffing into smaller areas, such as curves and corners. It goes through large weave fabrics such as tweed, to adjust any filling from the outside. They will normally have an eye to help with threading the twine.

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