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What Does an Upholsterer Entail?

An upholsterer is a professional that measures, cuts, and sews cloth or leather on furniture like chairs and sofas. They can also install padding and coverings on bed frames, cars and even boats. All upholsterers make or repair upholstery on new furniture and will reupholster old furniture which still have sturdy frames.

Most furniture comes with a wooden frame. The seating section on sofas and chairs sometimes have a coiled spring construction, which is then covered by a layer of fabric referred to a webbing. Padded foam cushions covered with fabric sit on top of the webbing. The back and sides are normally padded and covered using an upholstery material. An upholsterer then attaches the upholstery fabric underneath the sofa or chair, using things like staples, screws or even tacks.

An upholsterer must know how to properly measure, cut and sew every material. They normally begin as an apprentice working beneath an experienced upholster and will work on smaller jobs until they get more experienced. They could work for furniture manufacturers or start their own business primarily reupholstering household furniture.

Instead of throwing out old sofas and chairs, some individuals prefer to get their furniture reupholstered by a professional. Upholsters will advise their clients if their sofas or chairs have strong enough frames and are worth the effort of reupholstering. They will replace webbing and padding materials, as well as fabric, and make additional sofa cushions should this be desired by their client.

Some upholsterers could work with draperies and other soft furnishings. Some clients like to select upholstery and drapery which match, thus giving their rooms a completely different appearance. A professional upholsterer will guide their clients in how to clean and care for their new drapes and furniture coverings. They will even visit a client’s house to provide free estimates on the reupholstering job and present the client with fabric swatches.

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