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Caring for Leather Furniture

Tips from Your Local Upholsterer

Leather furniture is a wonderful thing. It looks fantastic when it is new, and if it is properly cared for, it will age gracefully, looking elegant for many years. However, this does not happen automatically. Any upholsterer will tell you that, in order to keep your leather furniture looking great, there are a number of things you need to do on a regular basis.

Leather is a natural substance that attracts dust. Nothing spoils the look of leather more than a dull, lifeless surface. The first key to keeping your leather furniture looking impressive is to dust it and vacuum it regularly. You may ask why you need to do both, and the answer is very simple. Proper dusting not only removes most of the build up of dust and particles, but it also helps buff the leather to a nice shine. Vacuuming helps remove all the dust and particles that have ingrained themselves into the leather, and anything that is caught in the seams or gaps between different cushions. An upholsterer would recommend that you dust and vacuum your leather furniture at least as often as you do the rest of your house.

You also need to remember that leather is a natural material. Even with dusting and vacuuming, it can dry out and crack. This is because leather needs nourishment to keep it supple and flexible. There are many types of leather food available, including saddle soap and specifically formulated wipes. Regular treatment with these products will not only help your leather last longer, but it also means that, when you dust your furniture, the buffing will bring up an even better sheen. While we are on the subject of cracking, it pays to keep your leather upholstery out of direct sunlight as this can cause it to dry and crack very quickly. It can also cause the color to fade, which spoils the look.

Finally, try not to spill food or liquids on your leather. Although leather is more resistant to stains than other fabrics, once a stain has set, it can be very difficult to remove. If this happens, you may find yourself needing the services of a professional upholsterer to remove the stains.

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