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Basic Tips on Caring for Boat Upholstery

Storing your boat is vital to protect its upholstery. When a boat is left to sit outside all day, fabric upholstery will get sun bleached, and leather or vinyl upholstery will eventually dry out and crack. Caring for your boat upholstery means storing your boat in a garage or beneath a carport. If you have to store your boat on the water or your driveway, make sure you cover the upholstery completely.

During the winter months, if you are not planning on taking your boat out, think about storing it in a storage facility. When you do take your boat out, try to make sure your upholstery is kept as dry as possible. Although it will be inevitable your upholstery gets wet from time to time, you don’t want water to soak into the upholstery foam.

So anyone living in or around the Novato, CA area needing help with their boat upholstery, call Sky Ranch Upholstery. Available at (415) 893-9721.


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